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Fashion and Fur Style Within Reach

When it comes to fashion and style, few people will argue with the fact that fur is always in style! There are many possibilities when it comes to accenting your wardrobe with fur. Gone is the concept that fur can only be enjoyed during winter months. Fur can be enjoyed year-round. This is possible through unique and fashion-forward fur gilets, ponchos, jackets, and other fur accented accessories. The possibilities are endless when you add the quality and variety of fur products available today.

Fur adds the status of high fashion but it does not have to be expensive! You can enjoy the style of fur without breaking your budget. The luxury of fur is well within reach for the even the most cost-conscious consumer. Fur Gilet clothing and accessories with fur accents are very affordable. The quality and beauty of our fur accents and clothing are second to none.

The fur jacket or gilet has become one of the pillars of this season’s high fashion must-haves. A long or short fur gilet is the must-have accessory for today. These fur vests and sleeveless jackets come in a rainbow of rich colors and range from waist length to ¾ length, hitting the wearer mid-thigh. Dazzling, head-turning style erupts from even a simple outfit when adding a luxurious fur gilet. The full fur poncho has the same effect of stunning elegance. The delicate lightweight interwoven design adds a breathable element to the garment, in spite of being covered by soft, warm fur.

If you are looking to add the touch of unique class to your style, try a suede poncho trimmed in fox fur. This poncho can dress up a pair of jeans or provide just the right amount of warmth on a crisp, cool night. It looks rich and feels luxurious while protecting you from the elements. Our wraps are just as functional but provide more conservative materials such as cashmere and wool. Edged in raccoon fur, these wraps put snuggly feel to cutting-edge fashion. Or, for a more chic casual look, our wraps accented with fur pom poms go well with dresses and slacks.

For an even more conservative approach to fur as it relates to fashion and style, the scarf wrap with fur collar may be suitable. Simply elegant, soft large scarf wraps accented with only fur collars provide for the “less is more’ concept. Equally as fashionable as the fur gilets and jackets, these fur collared scarf wraps make a huge fashion statement without overpowering the rest of the outfit.

It is pretty clear that articles like fur jackets, wraps with fur pom poms, hair bands laced with fur, purses made of fur, and fur gilets are a part of this season’s fashion trend. Simply put, with Gilet Fur you can have a full gamut of fur garments and accessories to escort you into your most fashionable walk in life. Click here for more information.